Children with Autism in Less-privileged Countries also Deserve Education Like Every Other Child

Meet Kelvin Kwame Wiafe, aka Nana Kwame, a 14-year-old Autistic boy who resides in Ghana with his mother and sister. After learning about his diagnosis, Nana’s father left his life and did not want anything to do with him, making his mother solely responsible for his care.

Nana is non-verbal and attends school at Autism Awareness Care and Training Center in Accra, where he gets to socialize, learn life skills, master alternative communication skills, and build on his sewing skills. Even though he benefits so much from attending school, he is on the verge of dropping out since his mother can no longer pay for the monthly tuition of 700 Gh Cedis (equivalent to $95 USD). Apart from missing out on all the benefits of attending school, dropping out will also increase Nana’s idle time and wandering behaviors and possibly lead to him eloping, which has happened in the past. Autism Wonders has supported Nana’s mother financially to maintain his school enrollment these last few months, but that isn’t sustainable considering all the demanding obligations of this new organization. We are therefore seeking educational sponsorship for Nana Kwame so he can continue to be enrolled in school.

Your $10, $20, $30, or $50 donation every month for your preferred duration will help keep Nana happy and safe and give him hope for a bright and independent future.

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