Autism Wonders Family Support Group

This program currently has two different Chapters (The North America Chapter and the Ghana Chapter). The north America Chapter focuses on providing culturally sensitive support, education, resources, empowerment, connection, and motivation for African and Caribbean immigrants within the United States and Canada who are impacted by Autism. Most immigrants deal with the stress from feeling alone and lost as most of them get detached and disconnected from their families and cultures due to their migration. These challenges get even more intense when such families are hit with autism diagnosis of a child or close relation. This support group is meant to create cultural connections for families in such situations while they are given a safe space and a culturally sensitive environment to express and share their thoughts, feeling, experiences. Our monthly support group meetings takes place on the third Friday of every month via zoom

The Ghana Chapter is designed to help educate, empower, connect and strenthen families Autism families who reside in Ghana, West Africa. Autism families in Ghana deal with heavy stigmatization resulting from the lack of education and some cultural practices. As a support group, our goal is to help these families through their stuggles while we provide education that will brings about autism awareness, autism acceptance and empowerment to these families and their communities. The organization is blessed with dedicated professionals who provide parent coaching and autism education to these families virtually.