Family Support Services

This program provides hands-on and individualized support for autism-impacted families within the USA and Canada based on their specific needs. The impact of autism on families can be draining financially, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Therefore, our family support services are geared towards providing all kinds of services and support in any way possible for families with autistic children. Our services and supports include:

  • Making Autism Services referrals for parents, including diagnostic assessments/evaluations, ABA services, extracurricular activities, speech and OT services, childcare services, etc.
  • Making material and gift card donations to needy parents/families of children with autism
  • Providing back-to-school supplies and services to autism families
  • Assisting new immigrant families with autistic children to navigate their new environment to obtain the right services and resources
  • Providing short-term and emergency childcare/respite services for the families we serve
  • Advocating for families to receive needed services and resources
  • Attending IEP meetings with parents upon request to provide emotional and other kinds of support